Crazy Clues – A Character Show for K-6th Graders

Crazy Clues

A show all about character and leadership.  Krazy Keith and sensible Sarah and the audience solve a set of crazy clues.  They learn that being a strong leader is not about muscles, it is about who you are as person and making good personal choices.

The 45 minute school assembly program explores the following traits of good character and citizenship:



NNever give up. The best things in life sometimes take a little work or practice.

O – Open your eyes – really look at the world and your place in it.

S – Stand up for kindness and Stand against bullying and peer pressure.

RRespect – Treating others the way we want to be treated.  When we treat each other with respect we make a special kind of magic and make the world a better place.

G Good deeds and Gratitude.  Doing good deeds is a way of giving back and making the world a better place for everybody.  You can change the world by doing one good deed at a time, and being grateful is an attitude which changes the way we feel about everything.

Re-arrange the letters and you discover that they are the secret to being STRONG!

STRONG is a show that combines many entertaining elements. Magic, storytelling, comedy, and amazing feats of skill are all blended to create a performance that motivates AND entertains grades K-6.

This assembly is a great way to remind young audiences about the importance of leadership and good character. It is also a unique and positive way for elementary schools to celebrate Red Ribbon Week by encouraging students to be STRONG individuals who make good choices.

Grade Levels:K-6

Topics: Leadership, Character Education, Teamwork, Good Personal Choices.

Type of Show: Comedy, Theater and Variety