The Show

Whats so special about A Brit of Magic?

Well apart from the fact that both of the performers are Brits, and that it is full of very cool and funny magic, it is also a unique theatrical experience.

The producers have strived to bring the sense of play that Keith was famous for when he became international street entertainer of the year, into an indoor auditorium, something that they have achieved with aplomb.

‘Fields is a true entertainer…

Has the crowd eating out of his hand from the outset, balancing sleight of hand with sleight of tongue…

Obviously has a funny streak making the crowd rapturous’

From Steve Bennett’s review of Keith’s Edinburgh Festival show

The show starts as the doors open.  This has the profound effect of not only breaking the fourth wall but shattering it beyond recognition!  From that point the audience become as much a part of the show as the performers.

When the show proper actually starts the audience are already sitting with baited breath and looking forward to the journey.  A ride that includes some crazy comedy, amazing magic, as well as some slightly eerie moments which balance the show perfectly.

‘Delightfully wacky and bordering on the manic

Edinburgh Evening News

From there we start with an English lesson, it seems that the language has changed since making its way across the pond.  Then quickly move into the first of many moments of audience participation.  There is no need to worry as these guys treat their audience with the utmost respect and guarantee that they will enjoy the experience.  No cheap jokes at the audience’s expense (well maybe a couple!) and they always have plenty of willing volunteers.

Classics of magic such as the cut and restored rope and the cups and balls rub shoulders with a modern tribute to Harry Houdini, and all of them have been given a twist that will make them new and thoroughly memorable.

This is balanced with more theatrical moments like the story of the last 2 lifeboats to leave the titanic and some amazing sleight of hand.

Then there is the mind reading ventriloquist which has to be seen to be believed.

This is more than a magic show.  It is more than a comedy show.  This is an evening of fun and laughter that no-one will forget.