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A Brit of Magic at Magic Castle

The Show

A Brit Of Magic is a unique show.  It is more than a magic show, it is more than a comedy show, it is an experience of laughter and amazement that you will never forget.  You could become stars of the show with hilarious audience participation. Bring clean underwear, you will be laughing so hard you may need it. More…..

Comedy and Magic from across The Pond

The Performers

Take a journey into the hilarious life of this crazy couple!  When world champion of magic Keith Fields collides with comedian and author Lady Sarah on stage… anything can happen, and it usually does! 30 years of performing together on both sides of the pond and they still surprise each other.  More…..

Keith Fields and Lady Sarah

The Reviews

“…awesome”  “…amazing magic”  “…hilarious”    “…best show in town” “…I have never laughed so hard”  “…I am now officially a Britophile”  “…I want their accent”  “… I left the show with the biggest smile on my face”  “…a true feelgood show”  “…Don’t miss A Brit of Magic” More…..

lady sarah keith fields