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Science or Magic? A spectacular show and excellent educational outreach

Both science and magic have the ability to amaze and fool. This show teaches students to see the difference between the two, and motivates them to learn more.  Students learn to ask the two most important questions in science, “How?” and “Why”, as they witness amazing things presented right before their eyes.educational outreach - Science or Magic?

Giant smoke rings are created on stage. Beach balls are balanced on streams of air.  A streamer of TP is sent floating out over the crowd. One lucky student will even ride a hovercraft across the gym floor! Many members of the audience get to participate in creating the wonder. This is not a “sit back and watch” show, this is a “get involved and get up on stage” show.

Grade Levels: Elementary and Middle School Programs Available

“The science show was amazing! We look forward to having Keith Fields return” – Sheryl Kennedy, organizer of “Super Science Friday”, University of Michigan

“Thank you so much. The assembly was great and the kids loved it! It was enjoyed by students as much as the staff.” – KND School, Brethren, Michigan

“I HAVE to tell you how AWESOME the show was today! Keith was the perfect amount of everything! He was so fun, yet educational. I absolutely loved how much he encouraged the students to ask questions, experiment and learn. He was my favorite science show so far. I am beyond pleased with it!” -J. Taylor – Springfield Arts Council – Springfield, OH

Krazy Clues – How to be a STRONG Leader

educational outreach - Krazy Clues

A show all about leadership and character.  Krazy Keith, Sensible Sarah, and the audience solve a set of crazy clues.  They learn that being a strong leader is not about muscles, it is about who you are as person and making good personal choices.

The 45 minute program explores the need to really open our eyes and be aware of the world around us.  As we do this we discover how we can make it better.  We also look at teamwork, respect, standing up for what is right, never giving up, and the importance of giving back.

KRAZY CLUES is a show that combines many entertaining elements. Magic, storytelling, comedy, and amazing feats of skill are all blended to create a performance that motivates AND entertains grades K-6.

This assembly is a great way to remind young audiences about the importance of leadership and good character. It is also a unique and positive way for elementary schools to celebrate Red Ribbon Week by encouraging students to be STRONG individuals who make good choices.

Grade Levels: Elementary K-6

The Magic of Stories

an author shares her passion

In “The Magic of Stories” program, Lady Sarah shares her passion for writing and storytelling and inspires children to do both.  During the presentation she reads one of her own published stories and shares how the story and the illustrations came about. 

Details of the program

The accent is firmly on fun, encouraging and inspiring the students to be more experimental with their writing and storytelling.

  • The program encourages children to understand how a story is made up and puts together a simple sequence of how to write a story that the children can remember: A beginning, a middle, an end.
  • They learn of the 4 components that elementary students need to write story: Characters , Location, Action, Out come
  • This is followed by an example of the 4 components as Lady Sarah reads from one of her books – The Delicious Delectable Sauce.  With characters such as the happy, hardworking Silly Billy Bean and his dilemma at The Bean Factory.
  • Finally, as Lady Sarah’s background is in theatre, the children will have fun acting out a short story with a magical ending.
  • Children will have the opportunity to create a story together as a group.

For more information on Lady Sarah’s authors programme please see