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What’s so special about A Brit of Magic?

Keith Fields and Lady Sarah

We could tell you about their wonderful British sense of humor, or that it is full of the funniest magic you will ever see, or that it is a unique theatrical experience, and we would just be scratching the surface!

Keith Fields and Lady Sarah are a true comedy double act, a modern version of the great acts of time gone by.  One moment they are performing an amazing piece of magic, the next… Well, you can never be certain of what is going to happen next! But you can be sure it will be funny!

“Delightfully wacky and bordering on the manic” Edinburgh Evening News.

Perfectly Wrapped

Lady Sarah has a penchant for outrageous shoes and sparkly eyeglasses, but these are outshone by her effervescent and infectious personality.  Her boundless energy and quintessential Britishness are divine. She also has a sharp sense of humor and knows how to use it!

Keith Fields seamlessly slips between the role of master magician and hilarious husband.  His sleight of hand skills are a joy to behold and his sleight of tongue, a pleasure to hear.

Put them together and you will discover that the real jewel in this show is their relationship.  It is a sublime pleasure to watch two people doing something that they absolutely love – making themselves laugh and sharing that laughter with an audience.

A Brit of Magic

WARNING – This show contains hilarious British comedy!