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Paragraphs about A Brit Of Magic

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 A Brit Of Magic is a hilarious show presented by World Champion Magician Keith Fields and the effervescent, shoe loving, Lady Sarah.  They slip seamlessly between comedy routines, illusions, and wonderful British banter.  Come expecting to leave with a big smile on your face.


Keith Fields and Lady Sarah will have you rolling in the aisles with their quick wit and then gasping with amazement at their incredible illusions.  This is so much more than a magic show and so much more than a comedy show – it is a high energy rollercoaster ride of fun and excitement from beginning to end.


Keith Fields and Lady Sarah star in A Brit Of Magic.  This show features amazing magic, hilarious comedy, and a delectable insight into the life of two very un-ordinary people.  They were described as ‘Aliens of extraordinary ability’ by the US government and they bring their distinctly British sense of humour to every show.  Keith Fields is a world champion magician and headline comedian, Lady Sarah is a real English lady with a penchant for shoes, she does her best to keep everything in some semblance of control! And if everything turns to custard they are British, so they will make a cup of tea and we can all have some crumpets!


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Quotes from the press…

‘Delightfully wacky… bordering on the manic’.    Edinburgh Festival News

‘His act came across so well because of the strength of his constant comedy patter and his ability to make use of whatever opportunities for comic banter the audience gives him… See him for the way he handles an audience, he’s fast and sharp’.    Malcolm Hay, Time Out

‘Different dramatic and very funny’.    The Magic Circle Magazine

‘He takes magic tricks and sprinkles them with something special, sparkling personality and sharp gags…  Fields knows which buttons to hit!’.   Drew McAdam, Evening News

‘An original with an engaging and confident style’.   The Stage and Television Today

‘Fields had the audience eating out of his hand… He is a true entertainer, his stage act is visual and his enthusiasm is infectious’.   Chortle Comedy Review

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